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sports pools for (almost) all occasions!
Entry = $10
Shown in entry form are all 16 teams that have qualified for this year's playoffs. You must choose ONE (1) player for each team that you end up with 10 forwards, 4 defencemen, AND,1 goalie from each conference...(there is no limit to how many defence or forwards you pick from each long as you end up with 10 forwards and 4 defencemen total! But your 2 goalies MUST come from separate conferences!!!)
Also, predict the Conference Champs and Stanley Cup winner before the playoffs start!

Deadline: TBA
Prizes: 1st - $120/ 2nd - $60/ 3rd - $20
(based on 25 entrants)
Scoring: Fwds & defence get one pt per goal and/or assist...Goalies get 1 pt per win, 3 per shutout, and 4 for goal and/or assist...Correct team picks worth 5 pts each...

Rosters/ Scoring