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Hockey Draft Pool
Pool Info: (Entry fee $20)
In the attached form, there are 8 groups of forwards, 3 groups of defencemen, and 1 group of goalies.
Select ONE (1) player from EACH group!
Forwards/ defencemen get 1 point for every goal and/ or assist. Goalies get 1 point per win, and 3 pts per shutout.
Poolie(s) with the most total pts at the end of regular season can win $$$!
Deadline: Submit your picks by Saturday October 15!!!
Prizes: TBA depending on # of entrants...

To make your picks...Click on link to open pick sheet (you will require Excel), then email picks to
Hockey Draft Pool pick sheet
NOTE: since EVERYONE who's entered so far has went with McJesus as FWD1, I am removing him from the list...pick someone else!
Pool Standings