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Playoff Football - Super Bowl
Entry: $20
For all games of the playoffs, you must pick 3 things...
Straight up winner (15 pts), winner vs given point spread (25 pts), and over or under given total (10 pts).
Also, you must predict the NFC and AFC champions (25 pts each)...and the Super Bowl winner (50pts)
Poolies with most points accrued after Super Bowl game will win $$$!

Deadline: Picks are due before kick-off of the first game of the week...
1st - $850
2nd - $420
3rd - $250
4th - $180
(based on 85 entrants)
Playoff Football Pool
Conf. Semi's
1. LAR @ GB (-7.5) 46.5
2. Bal @ Buf (-2.5) 49.5
3. Cle @ KC (-9.5) 55.5
4. TB @ NO (-4.5) 49.5
Conf. Finals
1. TB @ GB (-4.5) 52.5
2. Buf @ KC (-3.5) 53.5
Super Bowl
1. KC (-3.5) vs TB 57.5
Pool Info...
Wildcard results:
1. Buf Ind U
3. TB TB O
4. Bal Bal U
5. NO NO U
6. Cle Cle O
The Commish's Picks:
(team name: Vishus)
(Super Bowl)


Another ending...
...who saw THAT coming? After the most horrible rendition of national anthem that I've ever heard, and one of the WORST half time shows I have ever witnessed (thank God for the mute button!), we end up with a bit of a dud of a game too...UGH! 1st time in YEARS that there was no party to go to, to witness that debacle..
...on a happier note for some, End Zone Loafers have a BIG revival after mediocre regular season to win the Playoff Pool...Ruff Riders ride the Bucs win to capture 2nd, Men In Tights took the flyer on TB, and it pays off with 3rd, and Sammy S with a 4th place finish....
...thanks to ALL for your participation, and I will be in touch with winners to send you your prizes...
Baseball Pools and Hockey Playoff Pools are next on the horizon. For those NOT interested...hope to see y'all next year!
Pool Standings...
Conf. Semi's results:
1. GB GB O
2. Buf Buf U
3. KC Cle U
4. TB TB O
Conf. Finals results:
1. TB TB O
2. KC KC O
Super Bowl results:
1. TB TB U
1. Ind @ Buf (-5.5) 52.5
2. LAR @ Sea (-3.5) 42.5
3. TB (-7.5) @ Was 46.5
4. Bal (-3.5) @ Ten 54.5
5. Chi @ NO (-8.5) 48.5
6. Cle @ Pit (-4.5) 47.5