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To make your picks: Click on the link to open pick sheet (you will require Excel), then email picks to akasid22@gmail.com
Weekly Picks Pool - Week 7 pick sheet
Entry: $90 ($5/ week)
For EACH game of the regular season, you must pick 3 things...Straight up winner (2 pts), winner vs given point spread (3 pts), and over or under given total (1 pt). In addition, from your "vs spread" picks, choose one that is your "Best Bet" (5 bonus pts).
Weekly Picks Pool
Week 6 games/ lines:
1. Mia (-3.5) @ Jax 45.5 (in London)
2. KC (-6.5) @ Was 55.5
3. LAR (-10.5) @ NYG 45.5
4. Hou @ Ind (-10.5) 43.5
5. Cin (-3.5) @ Det 49.5
6. GB (-4.5) @ Chi 47.5
7. LAC @ Bal (-3.5) 49.5
8. Min @ Car (-1.5) 47.5
9. Ari @ Cle (-3.5) 53.5
10. LV @ Den (-3.5) 45.5
11. Dal (-4.5) @ NE 48.5
12. Sea @ Pit (-5.5) 43.5
13. Buf (-3.5) @ Ten 53.5
Pool Info...
Also, you must predict the Monday niter total score...to be used in case of a tie in points each week.
Poolie with the highest number of points each week will win "weekly pot" (see prizes below for breakdown)
Deadline: Picks are due before kick-off of the first game of the week...THIS POOL DOES NOT USE THURSDAY GAMES! (except for US Thanksgiving)
Prizes: $4 of every $5 collected from each poolie each week,will make up "weekly pot" (the other $1 per poolie will go towards year-end prizes)
The poolie with the LEAST amount of pts at the end of the season will win a refund of their $90 entry...known as "The Alladin Sane Award" (to be eligible...you MUST make every pick, every week!) The poolie who finishes 42nd (or 24th if not enough players) will win a free entry to Playoff Football Pool ($20 value)...known as "The Big Kev Memorial Award"
1st - TBA
2nd - TBA
3rd - TBA
ASA - $90
42nd - $20 (free Playoff entry)
Week 6 results:
1. Jax Jax U
2. KC KC U
4. Ind Ind U
5. Cin Cin U
6. GB GB U
7. Bal Bal U
8. Min Min O
9. Ari Ari U
10. LV LV O
11. Dal Dal O
12. Pit Sea U
13. Ten Ten O

Mon. Nite total score: 65
The Commish's Picks:
(team name: Vishus)
Week 6
1. Mia Jax O
2. KC KC O
4. Ind Hou O
5. Cin Cin U
6. GB GB O
7. Bal LAC O
8. Min Min O
9. Cle Ari U
10. Den LV U
11. Dal Dal U
12. Pit Pit O
13. Buf Buf O

Best Bet: 5
Mon. score: 55
Weekly Winners:
1. Shy Boy
2. The Giz
3. Venom
4. Cornhusker
5. Magoo
6. No Guts, No Glory

Weekly Wonderings...
...don't forget! One last kick at the Baseball can...World Series Squares Pool...reserve your square(s), $5 each.

...after "several" years of trying, No Guts, No Glory finally visits the winners circle!
...Duth19 was ONLY poolie to correctly pick Titans win...not that it mattered much...
...another useless stat - only 6 poolies have hit ALL Best Bets this year so far...
...D-Day and Iceman...submitting identical picks this week, get to share the :-( o' the week award (that, and about $2, will get you a cup of coffee)
...the once-formidible Alladin Sane has hit the skids...
...the medication has finally taken effect for Bills Mafia, who has a top 5 finish! (Bills still suck!)
...3-way tie for Overall lead! (yet ANOTHER useless observation at this time of year)
...SIX teams have byes next week, and some awfully high spreads (I am predicting record low point totals next week...)
...we are now officially 1/3 of the way through (those that owe entry $$$ could/ should send them my way soon!)
Pool Standings...