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Pick Your Spread Pool
Pool Info: (Entry fee $20)
In this pool, you pick the winner of EACH game of the playoffs. Each correct pick is worth 5 pts. In addition, you must assign your own point spread for EACH game! If the team you pick to win covers your assigned spread, you get that many additional points.
Example: If you pick a team to win by 7 pts, and they only win by 6, you still get the 5 pts for the win, but no additional pts. If the team wins by 7 or more, you get 5 pts for the win PLUS 7 pts for correct spread pick. (if they were to win by 20, you still would only get the extra 7 pts, as that is the spread you assigned. If you picked 17 as the spread, and they won by 20, you would get 5 +17 for that game)
Highest point totals at the end of playoffs will win prizes. Prizes will be dependant on # of entrants...
Deadline: Pick(s) are due before kick off of first game of the week...
Prizes: 1st $220, 2nd $100 (based on 16 entrants)

To make your picks...Click on link to open pick sheet (you will require Excel), then email picks to
Pick Your Spread Pool - Super Bowl
Pool Picks
....going for broke has paid off for some...eagles with BIG spread!
...Magoo leads the week. but I'm afraid it's too little, too late...
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