For all games of the playoffs, you must pick 3 things...
Straight up winner (15 pts), winner vs given point spread (25 pts), and over or under given total (10 pts).
Also, you must predict the NFC and AFC champions (25 pts each)...and the Super Bowl winner (50pts)
Poolies with most points accrued after Super Bowl game will win $$$!
Deadline: Picks are due before kick-off of the first game of the week...
Prizes: 1st $800, 2nd $400, 3rd $300, 4th $190 (based on 86 entrants)
In honour of a fallen poolie, there will be an Iceman Award this year! Person who finishes dead last in the pool, will get his/ her $20 entry back! This is no reflection of Iceman's ability, just a small token of remembrance. To be eligible, you must make ALL picks...right to the end!

To make your picks...Click on link to open pick sheet (you will require Excel), then email picks to
Pool Standings
Things that make you go "hmmmm"...
...another season comes to a crashing halt!
...Magoo hangs on to capture this years pool...Jakester the runner up, and Wee Willie uses KC bonus pts to take 3rd....Filth Pig also cashes
...Iceman Award goes to Wayne's World, who assured me he was NOT trying to tank! (which makes it even MORE embarrassing!)
...many were out of the running, so simply bailed on making final picks...
...condolences to Blue & White, who lost his mother this week (she MAY have been watching over him though...2 Squares Pool cashes, and a runner up in Pick Your Spread Pool)
...once again...a heartfelt thanks to ALL poolies for your participation. To those that didn't win anything...I would hope you at least had fun! (and if y'all want to lose MORE money, Golf Pool and a couple of Baseball Pools are on the horizon!
...the other bright side to season being over is...less Taylor Swift sightings!!!
Wildcard lines:
1. Cle (-2.5) @ Hou 43.5
2. Mia @ KC (-3.5) 45.5
3. Pit @ Buf (-9.5) 42.5
4. GB @ Dal (-7.5) 47.5
5. LAR @ Det (-3.5) 50.5
6. Phi (-2.5) @ TB 45.5
Conf.Semi's lines:
1. Hou @ Bal (-8.5) 45.5
2. GB @ SF (-10.5) 50.5
3. TB @ Det (-6.5) 46.5
4. KC @ Buf (-3.5) 45.5
Conf.Finals lines:
1. KC @ Bal (-3.5) 45.5
2. Det @ SF (-7.5) 51.5
Super Bowl lines:
1. KC vs SF (-3.5) 48.5
Wildcard results:
1. Hou Hou O
2. KC KC U
3. Buf Buf O
4. GB GB O
5. Det LAR U
6. TB TB U
Conf.Semi's results:
1. Bal Bal U
2. SF GB U
3. Det Det O
4. KC KC O
Conf.Finals results:
1. KC KC U
2. SF Det O
Super Bowl result:
1. KC KC U
Wildcard (my picks - Vishus)
1. Cle Cle U
2. KC Mia O
3. Buf Pit O
4. Dal Dal U
5. Det Det O
6. Phi TB U
1. Bal Bal U
2. SF GB O
3. Det TB O
4. KC KC U
1. Bal Bal O
2. SF SF U
Super Bowl
1. SF SF O
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Playoff Football Pool