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Playoff Football Pool
Pool Info: (Entry fee $20)
For all games of the playoffs, you must pick 3 things...
Straight up winner (15 pts), winner vs given point spread (25 pts), and over or under given total (10 pts).
Also, you must predict the NFC and AFC champions (25 pts each)...and the Super Bowl winner (50pts)
Poolies with most points accrued after Super Bowl game will win $$$!
Deadline: Picks are due before kick-off of the first game of the week...
Prizes: 1st $800, 2nd $375, 3rd $275, 4th $150 (based on 81 entrants)
In honour of a fallen poolie, there will be an Iceman Award this year! Person who finishes dead last in the pool, will get his/ her $20 entry back! This is no reflection of Iceman's ability, just a small token of remembrance. To be eligible, you must make ALL picks...right to the end!

To make your picks...Click on link to open pick sheet (you will require Excel), then email picks to
Playoff Football - Super Bowl
Pool Standings
Things that make you go "hmmmm"...
...well, that wasn't as close as expected...Eagle romp, and are 1st team to punch their ticket...joined by the Chiefs!
...bonus points (or lack thereof) have started to kick in...helping some, but not everyone...
...winner of Super Bowl may end up determining pool winner...(double points for the game PLUS possible bonus pts!), no lead is safe yet!
... 2 weeks until game LOTS of time to change your pick several times...
...Super Bowl Squares Pool is full, and all numbers have been randomly drawn,,,Super Bowl Prop Pool is also ready to go...enter as many sheets as you wish...$5 each entry...most pts wins the pot!
...pretty bland commentary this week...I'll save my ridicule for season's end!
Wildcard lines:
1. Sea @ SF (-10.5) 43.5
2. LAC (-1.5) @ Jax 47.5
3. Mia @ Buf (-10.5) 44.5
4. NYG @ Min (-3.5) 47.5
5. Bal @ Cin (-6.5) 43.5
6. Dal (-3.5 ) @ TB 45.5
Conf.Semi's lines:
1. Jax @ KC (-8.5) 51.5
2. NYG @ Phi (-7.5) 47.5
3. Cin @ Buf (-5.5) 50.5
4. Dal @ SF (-4.5) 45.5
Conf.Finals lines:
1. SF @ Phi (-2.5) 45.5
2. Cin @ KC (-1.5) 47.5
Super Bowl lines:
1. KC vs Phi (-2.5) 49.5
Wildcard results:
1. SF SF O
2. Jax Jax O
3. Buf Mia O
5. Cin Cin U
6. Dal Dal U
Conf.Semi's results:
1. KC Jax U
2. Phi Phi U
3. Cin Cin U
4. SF SF U
Conf.Finals results:
1. Phi Phi U
2. KC KC U
Super Bowl result:
Wildcard (my picks - Vishus)
1. SF SF O
2. Jax Jax U
3. Buf Mia O
4. Min NYG U
5. Cin Cin O
6. Dal Dal O
1. KC KC O
2. Phi NYG U
3. Buf Buf O
4. SF SF O
1. Phi Phi U
2. Cin Cin O
Super Bowl
1. Phi Phi O