Entry = $85 ($5/ week)
For EACH game of the 2019/20 regular season, you must pick 3 things...Straight up winner (2 pts), winner vs given point spread (3 pts), and over or under given total (1 pt). In addition, from your "vs spread" picks, choose one that is your "Best Bet" (5 bonus pts). Also, you must predict the Monday niter total score...to be used in case of a tie in points each week.
Poolie with the highest number of points each week will win "weekly pot" (see prizes below for breakdown)

Deadline: Picks are due before kick-off of the first game of the week...THIS POOL DOES NOT USE THURSDAY GAMES! (except for US Thanksgiving)
Prizes: $4 of every $5 collected from each poolie each week,will make up "weekly pot" (the other $1 per poolie will go towards year-end prizes)
The poolie with the LEAST amount of pts at the end of the season will win a refund of their $85 entry...known as "The Alladin Sane Award" (to be eligible...you MUST make every pick, every week!) The poolie who finishes 42nd (or 24th if not enough players) will win a free entry to Playoff Football Pool ($20 value)...known as "The Big Kev Memorial Award"
1st - 445
2nd - 200
3rd - 100
ASA - $85
42nd - $20
Weekly Winners:
1. Pigskin Pro
2. The Impossible Dream
3. McFootballstein
4. Grid Irons
5. Bills Nation
6. Sunday Sinner
7. Sooners
8. The Quiet Bull
9. Packer Backer
10. Rickys Raiders
11. Blue & White
12. Sayz Who?
13. Cornhusker
14. J.E.T.S.
15. Blue & White
16. Magoo
17. Alladin Sane
Week 17 Results
1. Ten Ten O
2. Cin Cin O
3. Chi Chi U
4. Jax Jax O
5. Atl Atl U
6. Dal Dal O
7. NO NO O
8. Phi Phi O
9. Bal Bal U
11. Mia Mia O
12. GB Det O
13. KC KC O
14. LAR Ari O
15. Den Oak U
16. SF SF U
Mon. score: 47
The Commish's Picks (Vishus)
Week 17
1. Hou Hou O
2. Cle Cle U
3. Min Chi O
4. Ind Jax U
5. TB TB U
6. Dal Was O
7. NO NO O
8. Phi NYG U
9. Bal Bal U
10. Buf Buf O
11. NE Mia O
12. GB Det U
13. KC KC O
14. LAR Ari U
15. Den Oak O
16. SF Sea U

Best Bet: 13
Mon. score: 44
The Quiet Bull:...After stuffing some stockings, and jingling some bells, the Bull looks to crash into the New Year with a ferocity not last seen since the "China Shop" incident! Happy New Year to all!! Luckily (I think), I MISSED that incident...Best o' luck in the New Year!
Oldsobs: Prognostications have to be better in 2020, don't they? Playoff pools can put that theory to the test...
Hells Dominion: Thanks for another great year. The year is not over!!

Weekly Wonderings...
...wow!...just Wow! As sad as the end of the regular season is, this year ended like no other! Alladin Sane smashes the odds, and takes final weekly pot, though his annihilation of fellow poolies ends up just short of a year-end payout. Tightest ending I can remember, as Magoo does just enough to be the champ! Grid Irons leap frog into 2nd, and perrenial contender Cornhusker ends up 3rd (a mere 3 pts separated the top 4!...unbe-fucking-lievable) Wayne's World crashes and burns and ends up with full refund, courtesy of Alladin Sane Award...42nd (Big Kev Memorial Award) goes to Luck-less...no cash value, but free entry to Playoff Pool...so, maybe just a LITTLE bit o' luck!
...now...just need those that owe entry to make good, so I can pay the winners. (go to Pool Funds page to see what, if any, you owe...also shown is "credits" that have been earned. Let me know where I can etransfer your winnings)
BRING ON THE PLAYOFFS! If regular season is any indication....should be a doozy!
To make your picks:
Click on link to open pick sheet (you WILL require Excel)

Weekly Picks Pool - Week 17

Email picks to: akasid22@gmail.com
Week 17 games
1. Ten (-5.5) @ Hou 48.5
2. Cle (-2.5) @ Cin 46.5
3. Chi @ Min (-7.5) 41.5
4. Ind (-3.5) @ Jax 44.5
5. Atl @ TB (-2.5) 50.5
6. Was @ Dal (-11.5) 44.5
7. NO (-13.5) @ Car 48.5
8. Phi (-4.5) @ NYG 45.5
9. Pit @ Bal (-3.5) 42.5
10. NYJ @ Buf (-2.5) 37.5
11. Mia @ NE (-16.5) 43.5
12. GB (-10.5) @ Det 41.5
13. LAC @ KC (-7.5) 48.5
14. Ari @ LAR (-7.5) 49.5
15. Oak @ Den (-4.5) 42.5
16. SF (-3.5) @ Sea 47.5

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